How much is that in inches?

If you have an existing shade and want a similar one, simply measure it and find Kimono Lamps shade in a similar size.

Kimono Lamps lampshades come in 4 sizes:

  • Fuji – h 8.25”  x 10.6” dia – suitable for small bedside or table lamps
  • Osaka – h 9”  x 12.5” dia – suitable for medium bedside or table lamps
  • Kyoto – h 13.5”  x 15.3” dia – suitable for heavier table lamps and small floor lamps
  • Tokyo – h 17.7” x 19” dia best for fully fledged, decorated or turned floor lamps

The shade is normally 40% of the total height of the lamp, from the top of the lampshade to the bottom of the lamp.

For any lamp base around 1′ or higher we recommend the Osaka shade.

For any lamp base around 1’6” or higher, we recommend the Kyoto shade.