Do you restore old lampshades?

Old lampshades can be restored, provided the original fabric hasn’t been removed and depending on condition, shape and size of the old frame.

Because of the specific size of the silk parts Japanese kimonos are sewn with, I can only use kimono fabrics on a frame of up to a certain size and proportion.

Small and medium size lampshade frames are relatively straightforward to restore using kimono fabrics.

If your old frame cannot be reused because it’s too damaged (rusted, bent, etc.), I can suggest and provide a new frame.

If your old frame cannot be reused with kimono fabrics due to its unusual shape, I will advise you to provide a fabric of your choice, suitable for lampshade making.

Lampshade restorations are treated as custom orders and same pricing applies. Click here to find out about custom orders from Kimono Lamps.