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Kimono Lamps are lamp shades handmade in Ireland with Japanese kimonos

Yes, most were worn by someone in Japan and witnessed special occasions such as tea ceremonies, weddings and sometimes even earthquakes.

Inspired by a trip to Japan, the idea was gaining shape while I was looking for a lampshade for our own living room. It took a degree in design, combined with experience in furniture design studio and product design consultancy and love for beautiful objects.

It felt so natural. It emerged as a a miracle and surprised me in the process.

I cut the kimono fabric to a desired shape, next I sew the pieces together and then hand stitch them to the frame applying trims as a finishing touch. I listen to the radio a lot and drink buckets of tea. In Ireland it rains most days.

Unlike mass produced shades, each of my lampshades is ONE OF A KIND. Because each lampshade uses authentic vintage kimono, I can only recreate the style with different material. That way you are getting a Kimono Lamp that is uniquely yours. You and I are contributing to the story of each kimono.

Some things are timeless. We are just episodes.

Would you agree?

Kimono Lamps were featured in The Sunday Times,  House And Home Magazine and Ireland’s Homes Interiors & Living.

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